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NEXT EVENT : 19-20-21-22 November 2021 at HUDA ground, Part -2 near Mittal Mega Mall, Panipat, Haryana India. NEXT EVENT : 19-20-21-22 November 2021 at HUDA ground, Part -2 near Mittal Mega Mall, Panipat, Haryana India.

Bringing Knitting & Textile world together

Working our way towards this slogan we have worked diligently to bring Ludhiana Knitting Industry at par with the international standard of the state of the art technology in Knitting. What started out as a small exhibition within the standard boundaries of a banquet hall in 1995, today after 26 years has flourished to the mass level of over 8000sq mtrs covering 400 international and national companies.

Thus we are celebrating the 26 years of the grand success of the Knit World 2020, which is a brand in itself synonym to Fair or Fairs with the fleet of 400 machines exhibited. I proudly announce the advent of the 27th Knit World 2021 incorporating Tex Mach 2021 International Exhibition on 19-20-21-22 November 2021 at HUDA ground, Part -2 near Mittal Mega Mall, Panipat, Haryana India. We humbly invite you to felicitate our efforts by providing us much sought after support.

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  • Knitting

    Circular Knitting, Flat Knitting, Multi Head Computerized Embroidery, Industrial Sewing, Dyeing, Finishing, Processing, Steam Presses, Tumbler Dryers, Dry-cleaning, Linking, Multicolor Transfer/ Screen Printing, Raising, Brushing, Antipilling, Fusing, Lace and Crochet Knitting Machines, Designing Units, CAD/CAMS, Software, Compressors, Yarn Splices, Boilers, Electric Motors, Testing Equipment, Electronic Scales, Yarns, Threads, Buttons, Labels, Fabrics, Tapes, Ribbons, Dyes, Chemicals, Linings, Interlinings, Gensets, Inverters, Panels, Trade Magazines, Fashion Journals, etc.


    :- Rashchel, Shulzer, Wrap Knitting Machine, Loom, Winder, Double needle bar, Processing Machine, Stenter Machine, Spinging Machine, Technical Textile Machine, Quality Control, Pollution Controll, Textile Wrap Beams, Ball Wrapping, Fiber-Making, Non-Woven Fabrics, Textile Testing, High-speed carding Top-making Machine ,Artificial Fur Card, High-yielding Card